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“Planning isn’t tedious when its tactical.”

— Michelle A Whyte, CEO

Quick Planning Solutions


Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, & paralyzed by your wedding plans and you don’t know what to do?

Let’s strategize solutions to your questions & planning pitfalls.. This 90-minute strategy session comes with accountability included for added encouragement & support.

Book now for the fastest way to overcome your planning obstacles. Or submit an interest form below requesting more info.

Our Signature Service Start

Our One Day Wedding Plan Virtual VIP Day helps you define your vision & version of wedding day in just ONE day. Our signature Bypass Bridezilla framework moves your plans from stressed to streamlined in just 8 hours. You’ll be ready to action your plan & book with confidence.

  • We help you know what you don’t know about planning.
  • We help you find clarity on what to prioritize first/next.
  • We’ll help you create & implement a simple plan of focus that fits into your schedule and helps you book the right people for your budget with total confidence.
  • Learn to stop overcomplicating your wedding plans, so you can get more done in less time, with less stress!

We not only help you create your vision & version of Forever After; we’ll help you find the vendors, manage the maids & men, greet the guests, oversee the set-up, cue the music, get you down the aisle, and pack it all up at the end of the night, so you DONT have to. We’ll be by your side from beginning to end with our Diamonds Are Forever package.

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Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

How long have you been a wedding planner? 

We’ve been in the wedding game since 2005.

How many weddings do you do in a year? 

We only sign on to 10 wedding projects per year. This includes elopements to the USVI. 

How many weddings do you execute in a weekend? 

We only commit to 1 wedding per weekend.

What is your process for recommending vendors? 

We use a combination of personality, availability, style & budget.

Will we have individual contracts with vendors or will all vendors be booked through you? 

Who and what you are willing to afford, is always your choice. We make recommendations but your contract for service will be with the individual vendor. It is important to note, we do require you work with vendors & rental companies that deliver.

Do you charge a flat fee, a percentage of our total wedding budget, or a combination?

We charge a flat fee for services; and only implement the following fees when applicable. 

$250/additional hourly rate for lead planner

$100/additional hourly rate/team assistant

$150/second location fee

How much is the deposit and when is it due?

Our One Day Wedding Plan Virtual VIP Day in $2000 and is paid in full before you can schedule your VIP date. VIP days are our signature starting point for all Ambiance wedding clients. Only clients that have completed a VIP will have the opportunity to move forward with full service planning. For more information on VIP Days, visit HERE

Will you create a detailed wedding-day timeline for everyone to follow?

You betcha!!! Information is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Timelines allow your wedding party to have a snap shot of what to expect and your vendors the best opportunity to show up and serve with excellence. Custom timelines are automatically included with our full service agreements.

How many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

You can count on a team of 3. A lead planner and 2 assistants to help manage the wedding workflow. 

What time will you and your team arrive on the wedding day?

It depends on when set-up needs to be and where. 

How long will you stay?

Our average wedding contracts commit to up to 10 hours of wedding day assistance. This typically includes your time for set-up and load out. 

How do you handle post-wedding breakdown?

We work with clients to produce a personal-item packing list. Our lead planner initials when your personal items are being set-up and initials again when those items are packed up to be returned to you. Client will also assign an end of the night designee; a person(s) committed to stay and retrieve your belongings. 

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