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Plan Your Wedding in Just 1 Day!

Don’t spend every moment together stressing over your wedding plans.

Our One Day Wedding Plan VIP Day streamlines your key wedding decisions into an easy to implement, 90 day action plan. You’ll know exactly what to do to create the wedding of your dreams.

Traditional Wedding Planning Is Stealing Your Joy.

You are a busy, military-connected couple. I get it! You are short on time to dedicate to your wedding plans (especially if you are states away or up for deployment or reassignment) AND you don’t want to spend all of your nights & weekends talking about wedding stuff. Your time together is precious and how you choose to celebrate should be cherished.

“I was drowning in wedding planning- when to send invitations, how to choose a photographer, when to order bridesmaids dresses…Michelle made wedding planning fun!”

— Lisa, Bride

A VIP Day is the fastest way for a busy, military couple, like you, to get into the “headspace” of planning. Remove anxiety & ambiguity from your plans, and make key decisions that create forward movement for your BIG day.


What Our Clients Say…

“Michelle made sure we thought of everything, even if we decided against certain things. She broke down the decision making into manageable amounts.”

— Cheryl, Mother Of The Bride

“I was extremely anxious. I did not have to worry about the things you don’t think about! Michelle mentioned them for me; and kept me calm.”

— Chalci, Bride

“Planning with Michelle never felt like I was planning it with someone who wasn’t just hired to do a job; it felt like I was planning with my best friend!”

— Jen, Bride

Our VIP Day Is Perfect For You If You…

  • Are a military connected couple planning your wedding.
  • Simply don’t have the free time to dedicate to planning (especially due to reassignment or deployment).
  • Worry about creating & affording a day that lives up to expectation.
  • Need support personalizing a comprehensive wedding plan & roadmap.
  • Want to feel more at ease & clear on the direction of your wedding vibe, budget & plan.
  • Are tired of staring at checklist after checklist, with NO idea where to start or what to do.
  • Are over being bombarded by family & friends with questions that you don’t have answers to.
  • Value planning a day you can love without breaking the bank.
  • Want to trade feeling anxious & overwhelmed for calm & confident.

Wave Goodbye To…

In just 1 day, we are going to remove the anxiety & ambiguity from your wedding plans and replace it with a simplified plan of action. Here’s How.



This phase is all about getting on the same planning page; making decisions on all of the key elements you need to create a shared vision & communicate your plans with one voice.


In this phase, we’ll connect the dots between your vision & planning expectations. We’ll dive deep into “what to expect” from your budget and the planning process.


This phase focuses on finding the time in your schedule, outlining responsibilities, setting initial goals, organizing next steps, as well as who & how you’ll delegate tasks.


This phase is all about action. We’ll create a “vibe” vision board to share with vendors, and answer all of the questions keeping you up at night.

Walk Away With All The Tools You Need To Action Your Wedding Plans In Just 1 Day.

90 Day Action Plan

A personalized blueprint outlining your action steps to effectively tackle your first wedding to-do’s. Keep your brain clear & your efforts organized with a framework to accomplish your wedding goals.

Support Plan Sprint

30 days of accountability support, as you begin to put your ideas, inspiration and to-do’s into practice. We’ll sprint to accomplish 1 of your wedding goals in your first 30 days of planning.

Ask Ambiance Library Access

Gain access to our indispensable resources #ambianceadores most. Just think of the hours you’ll save googling, pinning & researching the night away. Get more done in less time.

And A Few Bonuses To Keep Your Plans Running Smoothly



Full Service Wedding Planning Starts at $6500.

Your One Day Wedding Plan Virtual VIP Day is just $2000.

Don’t worry, no payment is taken until your day is confirmed,

Don’t Spend Another Moment Second Guessing Your Wedding Plans.

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