Cheryl, mother of the bride

Outstanding! As the mother of the bride, I was the local, in-person contact for the couple who lives on the West Coast. Michelle made sure we thought of everything, even if we decided against certain things. She broke down the decision making to manageable amounts. We had the unusual situation of a morning wedding and an evening reception, with time in between for guests to sightsee or relax. Everything went smoothly! Thanks to Michelle’s attention to detail. The wedding was in November. We are still receiving compliments and people continue to tell us how much fun they had at the reception. We had an unexpected family death about six weeks before the wedding. Michelle stepped up to make sure those decisions that had to be made and vendors contracted with were all lined up for us. In the end, we were able to focus on enjoying the celebration. Michelle is professional, experienced, organized, and poised. She was also cognizant of the courtesies involved in assisting in a church ceremony. We highly recommend Michelle as your wedding coordinator – book with her now!