Ceremony Bars Help Guests Beat Summer Heat.

Good Day Net Besties, 

Before you go getting all excited at the thought of pumpkin spice and fall wedding inspiration boards; this is your gentle reminder that it’s still summer. Today, I want to encourage and empower you to find your vision and version of Forever After with this one minute wedding planning {OMWP} tip. 

Summer weddings are beautiful and make for some of the most “wow” worthy photos. But outdoor summer events are literally a HOT ticket for your guests.  

Let’s be honest, you know what you are asking of your guests… wear their best threads, show up 30 minutes early, sit…and wait…in the blistering heat…for you. 

Hosting with kindness and consideration will have you explore every option to ensure your guests are comfortable. 

And if you are committed to an outdoor celebration, here’s a thought– consider a ceremony beverage bar. Whether you offer cocktails, mocktails, or just chilled bottles of water, it’ll go a long way in making guests feel welcomed, while helping them to stay hydrated and beat the heat waiting for the festivities to begin.

Adding a beverage bar to your ceremony doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider self-serve dispensers filled with infused waters or bright colored teas, punch, or sangrias. 

Host and be hosted well this summer!

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6 Guidelines for a Cannabis Friendly Celebration

Marijuana has undergone a major make-over in recent years. No longer a taboo stigma, the use of marijuana products are now commonly promoted as an alternative to anxiety, stress, and other medical conditions.

Its elevation in social acceptability has the popular plant on the rise as the “hot” experience for social gatherings, dinner parties and yes, even weddings. The interest to creatively incorporate it into drinks, bites, desserts, décor, and favors, continues to increase.

After learning about a shocking arrest where a bride and caterer were charged with the lacing of guests’ food at a wedding…without guest knowledge. I couldn’t believe it!

Needless to say, I felt it high time (pun intended) to address a few best practices when adding the edibles experience to your event.

Now, you should know, I am not a cannabis expert; in any way. Truthfully, I’ve never tried it, in any form. Nor have I coordinated an event with it, just yet.

I am, however, an events and etiquette expert. And there are guidelines and best practices when hosting anyone that apply to this unique experience as well.

Let’s agree that it is unacceptable to drug anyone. No matter your personal stance on drugs and/or alcohol use, you are not allowed to make that choice or decision for someone else.

What other rules can you expect to follow? Let’s talk about a few.

It must be legal in your state. The use of marijuana, products and oils are not legal everywhere. Be certain to know and understand the state laws you must abide by wherever you are hosting a gathering.

Work with experts. There is a safety and a science to cooking, serving, and ingesting cannabis products. Experts will offer you options and help you make wise decisions that will provide a great experience, while keeping you and your guests safe. Do your research to find experienced vendors for catering, bartending, and “bud”tending.

Make it known. Make sure elements that contain cannabis are marked clearly for your guests. Here’s why. Your guests have lives outside of your celebration…with JOBS being at the top of that list. It being legal in the state doesn’t make it legal on everyone’s job; not to mention other medical conditions or addictions unbeknownst to you. Be sure to include clear signage allowing you protection and guests the choice to partake or not.

Offer Alternatives. If you have a mixed crowd, be sure to provide food and beverages that are cannabis free. Much like everything else, everyone doesn’t do everything. Everyone doesn’t drink alcohol, eat meat, etc. so alternative options will be much appreciated. This allows for all guests to be included regardless of personal preference.

Crowd Control. When creating your guests list, be sure to strongly consider whether or not children or anyone under the legal participation age is welcome. This decision will naturally help you determine what kind of set-up and support you’ll need with accessibility and availability during your event.

Think it Through. Be sure to consider if additional safety and security measures are needed. Should you provide a make your selections limited, establish a cut off time (much like a bar), or provide transportation for guests to travel safely to and from your event. Think through the entire experience for yourself and your guests. It will make a much more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Choosing a “higher” celebration experience is your prerogative. I will always encourage you to be a courteous & considerate host/hostess when combining your vision and your guest experience into a delightful experience for all.

Class of 2021

Proud wife coming through. That’s right. My hubby has worked hard managing his military career and working towards his EDS, post graduate degree. And baby, we made it!!! Graduating with honors. Needless to say, I am already working on how we’ll celebrate. That’s right, I grabbed my laptop and headed to our online store to start browsing announcements and my personal favorite…custom napkins.

I have to look ahead because the husband isn’t always a big fuss kind of guy. So I have to pull together my vision board and allow said board to be edited…because (pouting) it’s not my day. But friends, I found these fun beauties…placemats. Aren’t they the cutest? I’m telling you, it’s the little things.

I’m just saying, with physical and mandated distances, we likely won’t be able to celebrate with family but it doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating. Now, with that said, I do not see the Mr. agreeing to these for himself. But they have given me a great idea.

Even in our current climate, these would be darling at a distanced picnic or even shared with close family so you can virtually set the table together in celebration. Plus it’s a crazy adorable way to further highlight and shout out your grad for their accomplishment, hard work and resiliency.

Listen, we’re still surviving a pandemic. Many of us continue to be a bit starved for meaningful personal connection and fellowship. All the more reason to give every positive thing the full happy dance it deserves. Get creative and use the resources you have available to you.

If you are looking for a few ideas or you are wanting to get a jump on your shopping, take a peek at our online shop for graduation staples:

Your grad deserves to feel like a big deal. Make a way to let him/her shine. You’ve got this. And hey, these are easy things that can be delivered right to your door. So get out those baby pictures and school portrait. Grab your favorite beverage and head down memory lane while creating something that is one of a kind.

Having trouble pulling together your plans? I’m always just a click away. Just schedule an Ask Ambiance consult to pick my brain and get answers to the questions keeping you up at night.

It’s time to celebrate the class of 2021.

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Have We Met? Let’s Chat.

If you are new around here hey friend! I’m Michelle the heart at the helm of Ambiance Special Events LLC. This is me, trying not to look awkward taking pictures of myself walking along the beach. LOL. Let’s just say I am not an in front of the camera kind of girl. A bonus for you, as my primary role is helping you pull together and host successful special events. I’m one woman on a mission to help you celebrate every moment that matters to you, big and small.

I’m just a Southern girl sharing my love of hospitality and etiquette with people, just like you, looking to celebrate the moments of life. From our Nations Capital to the US Virgin Islands, I get to do the coolest things, in the coolest places, with the coolest people from all walks of life. I am here to help you find clarity and quiet the calm in what can be a noisy, super charged, creative events world.

Why do this?

  • Because I love bringing order to the moving parts of an event.
  • Because I love a little pomp and circumstance.
  • Because you deserve to show up, engage, and experience your celebration.
  • Because life is short and celebrating is TOTALLY worth it!

I hope you’ll join this journey of crazy stories, hearty laughs, cute couples, pitfalls to avoid, sneak peeks and behind the scenes looks. Did I mention I’m a military spouse and mom? Family is a big part of my life, so you can also count on connecting on love, marriage and parenting too.

Most importantly, you should remember:

  • I love to laugh.
  • Sweets are my soulmate {I dance a little, like a 2 year old, when I eat}.
  • There is NO such thing as a bridezilla; only naturally nasty people.
  • Perfection is a 10 letter word for disaster!

That’s it. That’s me in a nutshell. Just out here doing my best to use my gifts to bring a little more happy into the world. So tell me, what’s next for you? What will you celebrate next? A business birthday, a baby, a promotion, engagement, wedding, retirement? Don’t be shy, we’re friends, and friend, it’ll help me shape what kind of inspiration and encouragement to send your way.

We have so much to chat about. And I can’t wait.

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When the pressures of planning feel like they are taking over your life, it’s ok to take a step back.

When every conversation, every day is about menus, seating, and/or décor, It’s time to press pause.

When you can’t find the strength to politely answer one more questions about the day, burn out will soon come knocking.

This is just your friendly reminder to take a break & breathe.

Friends, I can’t stress this enough. It is incredibly important to set boundaries. You deserve to continue living and loving your life, while planning any event. I’m telling you, you’ve got this! You are doing all the things and checking all of the blocks. And friend, I want to remind you that you are the biggest block of all.

Listen, as we continue to stumble through these uncertain time, remember that your wellness and well-being is a top priority. So be generous and kind with yourself. It’s ok to not have more accomplished but beating yourself up, won’t make magic. Try allotting space and time for your mind to rest, your energy to recharge, and your creativity to reset.

You can do this! And you can visit me here, on the beautiful beaches of St. Croix, as often as you’d like as a reminder.

I’m confident- we’ll get through this together.

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