Class of 2021

Proud wife coming through. That’s right. My hubby has worked hard managing his military career and working towards his EDS, post graduate degree. And baby, we made it!!! Graduating with honors. Needless to say, I am already working on how we’ll celebrate. That’s right, I grabbed my laptop and headed to our online store to […]

Have We Met? Let’s Chat.

If you are new around here hey friend! I’m Michelle the heart at the helm of Ambiance Special Events LLC. This is me, trying not to look awkward taking pictures of myself walking along the beach. LOL. Let’s just say I am not an in front of the camera kind of girl. A bonus for […]


When the pressures of planning feel like they are taking over your life, it’s ok to take a step back. When every conversation, every day is about menus, seating, and/or d├ęcor, It’s time to press pause. When you can’t find the strength to politely answer one more questions about the day, burn out will soon […]

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