Michelle A Whyte

Event Strategist

Hey friend! In case you are new around here, I’m Michelle. I guess you could say I’m the heart at the helm of Ambiance Special Events LLC.

Born and raised in the South, hospitality & charm run through my veins. I love quieting the calm of overwhelm and being challenged to create moments worth remembering in blank spaces.

I’ve been coordinating/executing weddings & social affairs for more than 15 years; providing direction, guidance, strategy, and planning support to individuals and organizations seeking excellence even in celebration.

From the US mainland to the Caribbean, I’m here to help you celebrate all that is good and wonderful in your life. Wherever the destination, the defining element to any event is…Ambiance!

My Favorite Things
  • Sweets
  • A GOOD belly laugh
  • A well set table
  • This crazy life