What’s a wedding vision? And do you need one?

What the heck is a wedding vision anyway? 

I want you to think of it as the general outline for your planning actions. Your wedding vision is a tool that you’ll use over and over, to bring you back to center; especially when details and decision making begin to overwhelm you. 

I call it your baseline; the root from which all of your additional wedding decisions will grow. 

Your wedding vision is a compilation of the basic details, photos, colors, adjectives and/or experiences that will represent and/or illustrate the fundamental framework for your plans. 

Determining the who, what, when, where & why of your wedding is the first step in collaborating with your fiancé to get on the same page about your plans. 

And Yes…a wedding vision comes before you book or buy a single thing. 

Capturing your vision can take many forms. It can be written or turned into a more creative visual collection, often referred to as a vision or mood board. 

Your wedding vision is the cohesive outline to your wedding plans; setting the tone for your budget, vendors, and the elements & details you will provide.

Either way, your wedding vision will help you keep your planning priorities at the forefront of your decisions and actions. 

Baseline is one of the foundational steps in dramatically lessening the opportunity for miscommunication about your wedding plans between you, your fiancé, and your families. 

If you want to go from overwhelmed to under control establishing your wedding baseline is your best bet.

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One thought on “What’s a wedding vision? And do you need one?

  1. Joshua Pelling

    Very insightful. As a DJ it’s very useful to understand a couple’s vision. Many might not consider how a DJ might benefit from it, but I can think of many ways to incorporate the vision into our services, from custom lighting design, music that matches the mood, and even the style of MCing.

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