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OMWP: Planning A Military Wedding

You said “YES” as or to a military service member, now what? 

Relax! You decide. Military traditions that can be a part of weddings, don’t automatically have to be a part of yours. You choose how much military influence is reflected in your day, if any at all.

Hey, I want you to remember that you have options. 

There are some of you that love the idea of a patriotic nod to building a life of selfless service together; and there are others that don’t want the uniform to be their only identity, and you’ll opt out of those few standard traditions. And either is acceptable. So I challenge you to really think about it and then choose what’s right for you. 

Listen, your planning process is likely to look like no one else’s. Military couples often have a level of uncertainty and unpredictability than traditional couples don’t experience. So don’t get stuck here.  

Make a decision and keep moving forward.

So what does it mean to plan a military wedding? It just means, there is at least 1 service member saying “I Do”.

That’s it. How you choose to acknowledge and/or reflect that is up to you.

If you want to know what “military traditions” are considered wedding worthy? Head over on over to our 1-minute read on common military wedding traditions.  

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