Ceremony Bars Help Guests Beat Summer Heat.

Good Day Net Besties, 

Before you go getting all excited at the thought of pumpkin spice and fall wedding inspiration boards; this is your gentle reminder that it’s still summer. Today, I want to encourage and empower you to find your vision and version of Forever After with this one minute wedding planning {OMWP} tip. 

Summer weddings are beautiful and make for some of the most “wow” worthy photos. But outdoor summer events are literally a HOT ticket for your guests.  

Let’s be honest, you know what you are asking of your guests… wear their best threads, show up 30 minutes early, sit…and wait…in the blistering heat…for you. 

Hosting with kindness and consideration will have you explore every option to ensure your guests are comfortable. 

And if you are committed to an outdoor celebration, here’s a thought– consider a ceremony beverage bar. Whether you offer cocktails, mocktails, or just chilled bottles of water, it’ll go a long way in making guests feel welcomed, while helping them to stay hydrated and beat the heat waiting for the festivities to begin.

Adding a beverage bar to your ceremony doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider self-serve dispensers filled with infused waters or bright colored teas, punch, or sangrias. 

Host and be hosted well this summer!

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