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6 Guidelines for a Cannabis Friendly Celebration

Marijuana has undergone a major make-over in recent years. No longer a taboo stigma, the use of marijuana products are now commonly promoted as an alternative to anxiety, stress, and other medical conditions.

Its elevation in social acceptability has the popular plant on the rise as the “hot” experience for social gatherings, dinner parties and yes, even weddings. The interest to creatively incorporate it into drinks, bites, desserts, décor, and favors, continues to increase.

After learning about a shocking arrest where a bride and caterer were charged with the lacing of guests’ food at a wedding…without guest knowledge. I couldn’t believe it!

Needless to say, I felt it high time (pun intended) to address a few best practices when adding the edibles experience to your event.

Now, you should know, I am not a cannabis expert; in any way. Truthfully, I’ve never tried it, in any form. Nor have I coordinated an event with it, just yet.

I am, however, an events and etiquette expert. And there are guidelines and best practices when hosting anyone that apply to this unique experience as well.

Let’s agree that it is unacceptable to drug anyone. No matter your personal stance on drugs and/or alcohol use, you are not allowed to make that choice or decision for someone else.

What other rules can you expect to follow? Let’s talk about a few.

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