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4 things NO wedding can do without.

What if I could tell you the secret to melt away all of your stress & anxiety about planning your wedding?

I mean, can you imagine a planning process where you ditched the overwhelm of trying to meet the expectations of others?

How do you think it would feel to breathe; only focusing on choosing your favorite things to share with your favorite people?

It’s totally possible…only no one is sharing it with you in a way you can hear it.

When that ring slides on your finger, instantly, you feel ushered along into a noisy wedding world with tons to look at, much to digest and what feels like an infinite number decisions (with an equal amount of micro decisions to match). Am I right?

I stand firm in 2 beliefs. One, weddings shouldn’t be THIS challenging. They should not take over your life.

And two, your planning season is also your greatest marriage preparation season. You should have time for both!

How do you fit in time to deepen your relationships with your spouse; when its taking everything to keep your head above water, trying to communicate and collaborate about colors, cake and ceremony décor?

It feels like a constant uphill battle. But today, you’re in luck.

You deserve a quick win. Something to help you ease your mind and put all the “wedding things” into context for you to plan and enjoy your journey to Forever After.

So right here, right now inhale…now exhale and take it in slow; the 4 things NO wedding can do without.

So here’s the truth, cutting through the overwhelm– you don’t and won’t need everything.

Now, it’s up to you to determine what’s important enough to add on for your day; keeping in mind that only 4 things are required.

That is all that is required. Now, hopefully, the simplicity of this list helps you to take a breath and realize…EVERYTHING else is a bonus!

Those are the facts. Did you notice, not even rings are required? So, listen, you’ve got this.

Take your time and choose what feels good for you.

And hey, should you still feel stuck, in knowing where to start and what to do, consider streamlining your wedding plans in a single day. Ask about our one day wedding plan that helps busy, working couples, like you, ditch overwhelm to create a shared vision, establish wedding boundaries, understand your budget, and make key decisions all in a single day.

Get more done in less time, so you can get back to the life you love.

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