Class of 2021

Proud wife coming through. That’s right. My hubby has worked hard managing his military career and working towards his EDS, post graduate degree. And baby, we made it!!! Graduating with honors. Needless to say, I am already working on how we’ll celebrate. That’s right, I grabbed my laptop and headed to our online store to start browsing announcements and my personal favorite…custom napkins.

I have to look ahead because the husband isn’t always a big fuss kind of guy. So I have to pull together my vision board and allow said board to be edited…because (pouting) it’s not my day. But friends, I found these fun beauties…placemats. Aren’t they the cutest? I’m telling you, it’s the little things.

I’m just saying, with physical and mandated distances, we likely won’t be able to celebrate with family but it doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating. Now, with that said, I do not see the Mr. agreeing to these for himself. But they have given me a great idea.

Even in our current climate, these would be darling at a distanced picnic or even shared with close family so you can virtually set the table together in celebration. Plus it’s a crazy adorable way to further highlight and shout out your grad for their accomplishment, hard work and resiliency.

Listen, we’re still surviving a pandemic. Many of us continue to be a bit starved for meaningful personal connection and fellowship. All the more reason to give every positive thing the full happy dance it deserves. Get creative and use the resources you have available to you.

If you are looking for a few ideas or you are wanting to get a jump on your shopping, take a peek at our online shop for graduation staples:

Your grad deserves to feel like a big deal. Make a way to let him/her shine. You’ve got this. And hey, these are easy things that can be delivered right to your door. So get out those baby pictures and school portrait. Grab your favorite beverage and head down memory lane while creating something that is one of a kind.

Having trouble pulling together your plans? I’m always just a click away. Just schedule an Ask Ambiance consult to pick my brain and get answers to the questions keeping you up at night.

It’s time to celebrate the class of 2021.

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