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If you are new around here hey friend! I’m Michelle the heart at the helm of Ambiance Special Events LLC. This is me, trying not to look awkward taking pictures of myself walking along the beach. LOL. Let’s just say I am not an in front of the camera kind of girl. A bonus for you, as my primary role is helping you pull together and host successful special events. I’m one woman on a mission to help you celebrate every moment that matters to you, big and small.

I’m just a Southern girl sharing my love of hospitality and etiquette with people, just like you, looking to celebrate the moments of life. From our Nations Capital to the US Virgin Islands, I get to do the coolest things, in the coolest places, with the coolest people from all walks of life. I am here to help you find clarity and quiet the calm in what can be a noisy, super charged, creative events world.

Why do this?

I hope you’ll join this journey of crazy stories, hearty laughs, cute couples, pitfalls to avoid, sneak peeks and behind the scenes looks. Did I mention I’m a military spouse and mom? Family is a big part of my life, so you can also count on connecting on love, marriage and parenting too.

Most importantly, you should remember:

That’s it. That’s me in a nutshell. Just out here doing my best to use my gifts to bring a little more happy into the world. So tell me, what’s next for you? What will you celebrate next? A business birthday, a baby, a promotion, engagement, wedding, retirement? Don’t be shy, we’re friends, and friend, it’ll help me shape what kind of inspiration and encouragement to send your way.

We have so much to chat about. And I can’t wait.

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