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When the pressures of planning feel like they are taking over your life, it’s ok to take a step back.

When every conversation, every day is about menus, seating, and/or décor, It’s time to press pause.

When you can’t find the strength to politely answer one more questions about the day, burn out will soon come knocking.

This is just your friendly reminder to take a break & breathe.

Friends, I can’t stress this enough. It is incredibly important to set boundaries. You deserve to continue living and loving your life, while planning any event. I’m telling you, you’ve got this! You are doing all the things and checking all of the blocks. And friend, I want to remind you that you are the biggest block of all.

Listen, as we continue to stumble through these uncertain time, remember that your wellness and well-being is a top priority. So be generous and kind with yourself. It’s ok to not have more accomplished but beating yourself up, won’t make magic. Try allotting space and time for your mind to rest, your energy to recharge, and your creativity to reset.

You can do this! And you can visit me here, on the beautiful beaches of St. Croix, as often as you’d like as a reminder.

I’m confident- we’ll get through this together.

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